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Welcome to Midwest Professional Karate, otherwise known as MPK!  MPK started in Sauk City in 1986 and the Spring Green school opened in 1992.  Owners and instructors are Dean DuCharme and Kerry Knutson, both 2nd degree black belts.  The karate style that MPK teaches is Tae Kwon Do, which is characterized by its emphasis of advanced kicking technique.  The school emphasizes the more traditional aspects of martial arts. 

Karate, which means “empty hand,” is known primarily as a striking art, featuring punching, kicking, knee/elbow strikes and open handed techniques. However, grappling, joint manipulations, locks, restraints/traps, throws and vital point striking also appear in karate.

The two major concepts taught at MPK are:

“Forms” (or “Katas”) - a series of karate moves performed in a sequence as an exhibition.

“Sparring” - the controlled use of karate moves to fight against an opponent during competition.


There is limited opportunity for students at MPK to be introduced to the following as well:

“Weapons” – similar to “forms” but includes the use of weapons.

“Board Breaking” – using karate moves to break boards.

Basic Rules/Signs of Respect:

Address instructor by “sir” or “mam”

Bare feet only in the dojo ring

Bow upon entry into dojo ring

Bow upon exiting dojo ring

Bow to partner before classroom practice

Bow to opponent before sparring

Line up for class according to belt rank

Common Terms:

Gi – karate uniform

Dojo – karate school

Sensei – karate instructor

Kata – another name for “form”

Attention stance – respect stance with legs together, arms down at your side, with open hands

Chumbi stance – relaxed stance with legs apart, arms down but out slightly in front of your body, elbows bent, with closed fists

Fighting stance – ready stance with one foot forward and one foot back, chest turned to one side, elbows bent, with hands up at chin level, with closed fists